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For many men, the pain of erectile dysfunction (ED) extends far beyond the bedroom. It destroys confidence and causes many to feel like less of a man. Perhaps you turn to other options to find some way around your ED. You can see a therapist or you can find generic Viagra UK to help you battle impotence. But if those don’t work for you, you may be at the point where you just want a solution that works. If that’s you, a vacuum pump may be just what you need to enhance your sex life.

What is It?

A vacuum pump is a clear, plastic tube connected to a hand- or battery-operated pump. After placing your penis in the tube, you pump out all of the air to create a vacuum. This causes the blood to flow into the penile arteries that, in turn, causes an erection. Once erect, a ring made of rubber is typically placed at the base of the penis to keep the blood from flowing back out. This means you can have an erection that lasts for as long as 35 minutes. There will be a short learning curve if you’ve never used a vacuum pump before but it is relatively easy to master. Better still, its effectiveness is not in question. In one study, nine out of 10 men were able to perform sexually after using the pump. Instead of seeking some form of generic Viagra UK, you can just pump up the action.

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Different Styles to Choose From

You may have a picture in your head of some sort of giant plastic tube. Forget that image. Vacuum pumps come in a range of sizes, most small enough to store in a nightstand. There are both battery and hand-pump models. The battery version is slightly more expensive but only requires the pressing of a button to remove the air and create an erection. The hand pump requires you to push the plunger up and down to achieve an erection. Regardless of which style, both will give you the ability to perform and satisfy your partner.

Pump It Up

Perhaps the stigma of using a vacuum pump frightens you. Maybe you just want to forget it and return to searching for generic Viagra UK. Just know, for many men, this is an effective and viable option to get and maintain an erection and return to a healthy sex life. In the end, isn’t that what’s most important?


You don’t have to be the sharpest tool in the box to know that smoking accounts for a large proportion of deaths around the world. Research has shown that the adverse effects of smoking are responsible for nearly one in every five deaths in the United States.


Such facts can really help put smoking into perspective and we have compiled a bit of a list to inform people a bit more about the habit and of course because we all love to read an interesting fact or two. For instance more deaths can be attributed to smoking cigarettes than by illegal drug use, suicides, murders, car accidents and HIV combined! This is pretty alarming, especially considering that people know the effects smoking can have on their body.


Another fact from America, if nobody were to smoke then one in every three deaths from cancer would not happen. For the UK, smoking is responsible for around 100,000 deaths a year. These deaths are usually due to cancer and heart disease.


More detailed research has shown that if you are a long-term smoker then your life expectancy is about 10 years less than a non-smoker. Basically meaning that only about half of long-term smokes make it past 70 years of age. The age at which you start smoking is also important, those who start early are more likely to die earlier because of it.


The point at which we are getting at is that smoking makes a big difference to your health and the deaths from it can be entirely avoidable. Stopping smoking also significantly reduces the risk of getting a serious illness from smoking in the first place and it doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think it is.


Help is available from a variety of sources to get you up on your feet and over smoking. Pharmacy2u have created a video that sets out exactly what you may experience when quitting smoking and how to best prepare for it. Those who have stopped smoking will know that it isn’t just physical withdrawal that can make it hard to beat but also the routine of smoking and the social aspect of it.


Pharmacy2u offer the best products to help you and also an online consultation service if you have any questions about the products and how to reduce cravings, their trained doctors can also offer some support and advice on how to get over the social side of smoking too.


Watch the video if you’d like to know how to stop smoking: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kwyEmpOqTM


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When Champix debuted in Canada, the drug produced by Pfizer gained instant popularity for its ability to get people to quit smoking. However, since that time, a lot of the excitement has waned as concerns over the side effects spiked. Many people who looked forward to a cigarette-free future are now watching their dreams go up in smoke.

How does Champix Work?

The medication, whose non-drug name is “varenicline” is prescribed to people who wish to quit smoking because it is a “nicotine recepotor partial agonist.” This is a long term that just means varenicline will reduce your brain’s cravings for nicotine. At the same time, if you do smoke, your brain will be less capable of feeling pleasure from it. Combined, this makes smoking a thoroughly joyless activity.

In studies, varenicline has been shown to make it three to five times more likely a person will quit smoking when it is used. The Food and Drug Administration has approved it for use up to twelve weeks. If the user has been successful in using it up to that point, they can use it for another twelve.

What are the Side Effects?

Sadly, this miracle drug isn’t perfect. Varenicline has some serious side effects that deserve consideration.

Nausea is one of the most commonly reported side effects of the drug, though its severity can vary. People have also reported having headaches after taking the drug, sleep difficulties and nightmares.

Other more severe side effects, though rare, include things like a change to the pallet, vomiting, pain in the abdominal region and bowel movement stress. This last reason has been identified as a significant motive for many people quitting the medication.

Unfortunately, there have been much greater side effects reported associated with varenicline. The American version, Chantix, has been linked to a worsening in condition of patients with cardiovascular disease. Fortunately, the effect seems to be small.

Lastly, there have been reports that associate the use of Champix with depression and even suicide. Back in 2007, the Food and Drug Administration revealed  that they had received information identifying vareincline in playing a role in patients beginning erratic and even suicidal behavior. Two years later, the FDA required the American version, Chantix, be sold with a black box warning.

Is It Worth It?

Ultimately, that’s a question only you can answer for yourself. However, it’s not one you should answer without consulting a doctor (which you’ll need to do for the prescription anyway). If you begin taking the drug, be sure to note your mental state regularly and listen to those around you if they say they see a marked difference.


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Vardenafil, also known as Levitra, is a fantastic drug for treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED) in men of all ages. Erectile dysfunction is classified as the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity. This drug is not for those who only have sporadic experiences of ED, however, and is only recommended (and FDA approved) for treatment of men who have serious issues with ED. Here, we will talk about the advantages of Vardenafil, how the drug actually works, why it is great, and why you should talk to your doctor today if you think Vardenafil might work for you.

Works Longer than Other Drugs for ED

One of the great advantages of this medication is that it works somewhat longer than some other popular drugs prescribed for treatment of ED. For many couples, this is great news. It gives them more freedom, and puts them under less pressure to perform, overall. Sometimes, pressure like this can actually make ED worse, instead of better. Normally, this drug is combined with other treatments to help a patient who is experiencing ED.

How it Works

Much like other drugs prescribed for ED, this one helps to increase blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow means that you can achieve and maintain an erection for longer, helping you to better perform. Due to the psychological roots of many cases of ED, your doctor may also ask that you seek out further treatment for other ED related issues by seeing a therapist, going to counseling, or starting treatment with a psychologist. Both of these steps, combined, can help you to conquer ED once and for all and to get your life back again.

Be Yourself Again

With the use of this pill, you can get back to normal in your relationships. Pressures from both sides will be lessened, and it should be easier for you to become intimate, physically, with your partner. For many couples, this makes all the difference as they work through other issues that may also contribute to the overall issue of ED. You can perform just like you once did, and be your old self again: more confident, happier, less stressed, and easier to perform. This may also help to lessen some of the pressures from your partner when it comes to performance, helping you even more with your issues of ED.

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Make an Appointment Today

If you are interested in obtaining this drug, you must first talk to your doctor. Let them know about the types of problems with ED you think you are experiencing. Only your doctor can determine if this treatment is right and safe for you. If they write you a prescription, you may go anywhere to fill it, from online stores to your local pharmacy. It is recommended that you look for deals online before you fill your prescription at the local pharmacists. In this way, you might be able to get a better deal on this important medication.


Honesty and Levitra

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When I began to have trouble in the bedroom in my mid 50s, the first few times I just assumed there were extraneous factors being brought to bear on my inability to sustain an erection- stress, tiredness, too many pints after work at the Office.  When it began to happen more regularly, twice a week, I began to get worried and a little depressed. My wife was very good to start with saying “that’s ok, don’t worry about it”. But after the fourth or fifth time, it was time for a heart to heart talk with her.

Luckily my wife and I have a close relationship and we’ve sorted out problems before; financial, emotional and practical by putting aside time to talk the issues through. This time, it was her who took control. She said that it was clear by my anxiety over this and my tenderness in all aspects of our relationship that we were still close and that we were sexually attracted to one another. She said that a friend of hers had had a similar issue with her boyfriend, but it all had been sorted quickly and easily by the use of a drug called Levitra.  She asked me to go to see my GP.

I did, and after a discussion of my medical history and current medications, he said that I had “classic” ED (erectile dysfunction). He agreed that I should try Levitra and he gave me a prescription for it. He said that I could either take the prescription to any chemist, or use it online with a reputable supplier of pharmaceuticals. I did as advised and scanned in my prescription and sent it to a UK based online supplier of drugs that I knew had a good reputation.

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Three days later the drugs arrived. I carefully read the instructions and was alarmed to see a long list of side effects that could be caused by taking the pill. I needn’t have worried, the only side effects I suffered was a slight warmth and redness in my cheeks, and a little stuffiness in my nose. Nothing to speak of or spoil the sexual activity planned. To cut a long story short, the drug worked quickly and within 20 minutes of my wife touching me, I had a great erection. This lasted the full length of our sex sessions (some 55 minutes) and my wife and I were relieved and delighted that the mere taking of a pill could solve a problem that I thought heralded an end to my sex life!

Since then I use the drug fairly regularly, but as it says in the instructions, not taking more than one pill in any 24 hour period. I now have a regular online order and everything in the bedroom (and other places in the house!) is rosy. My advice to anyone with suspected ED is talk to your partner and talk to a qualified clinician, either face to face or online. The odds are that you problem can be sorted as quickly as it was for me!

Thank you Levitra!


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There are several different approved medications for treating erectile dysfunction. They all work with the intention of the same goal; enabling you to achieve and maintain an erection that is hard enough for sexual intercourse. However, each medication has different dosing instructions (some need to be taken when you want to have sex, whereas others can be taken daily) and different windows of effectiveness. Some also carry different risks and side effects. To help you more clearly see which medication you may think is best for you, several of the most common are discussed below.


This medication is taken half an hour or so before you want to have sex. It is then effective for approximately four hours. This may not work for you if you would like to have a completely spontaneous sexual life, since it does require some planning. For most men, however, it can be taken daily, so for people with predicable sex lives, it may be a perfect treatment option.


Taken either as a daily supplement or as a dose that is effective for up to 36 hours, this medication helps men achieve more spontaneity in their sexual relations. It does not require as much planning, since the window of effectiveness is quite large, particularly if taken daily, which would mean you are always ready.

Since this medication is available in a low dose option, it can allow men the option to have sex whenever they want to between doses. It can also be taken only as needed, and may work in 30 minutes or less. Even when you take it only occasionally, a single dose can work for a day and a half. This still give you plenty of time to be spontaneous.


Taken once a day, this medication is best when taken approximately 60 minutes before sexual activity. It’s a prescription medication that can be taken with or without food and is available in various doses. Although it doesn’t give you an erection, it allows you to get one when you’re sexually aroused.

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All three of these medications have similar side-effects. They might cause your blood pressure to drop suddenly, which would leave you feeling dizzy and faint or even cause a heart attack. To evaluate whether you are at high risk for these side-effects, it is best to consult your doctor. These medications are for use by men over 18 years of age.


This condition occurs when blood is not properly flowing to the penis, which makes it impossible to sustain an erection. According to Web MD, Erectile Dysfunction affects over 18 million males each year. Due to the stigma surrounding this condition, it is likely that this number is much higher since most males are too embarrassed to admit that they have this problem. It is commonly thought that this problem is strictly limited to older males, but this is simply not the case. There are actually a lot of males in their 20′s and 30′s that have this problem. This is because there are several different causes, both physical and psychological, for this condition.

Erectile Dysfunction can be Psychologically Damaging

Imagine that you have been seeing a girl for a while and you feel an amazing chemistry between the two of you. Finally, it comes to the first time you have sex and you cannot get an erection. If she is a nice girl she will act like it is not a big deal, but the harsh reality is that she is subconsciously let down. This can be a traumatizing experience for a person and can actually become the cause of further erection problems. In some ways, the psychological causes of erectile dysfunction are more severe than biological causes because they are much more difficult to treat. If the aforementioned situation occurs, this can lead to the individual questioning his sexual abilities. The most important thing to remember when facing these psychological issues is that this is something that happens to EVERYONE at some point or another. Also, do not be ashamed to go seek medical help before you completely destroy yourself mentally.

Why You Should Seek Treatment

If you have erection problems, it is human nature to feel a sense of inadequacy. It is important to realize that many men are suffering from the same problems. If you seek treatment, you will find that your confidence will come back once the medication works. You can also avoid potential relationship problems. Although your partner may be supportive at first, eventually she will get disappointed that she cannot get her needs met.

There are a few options for treatment of erectile dysfunction. The first treatment that often comes to everyone’s mind is Viagra. This brand name, and others like Cialis and Levitra, is known chemically as PDE5 Inhibitors. The cell walls in the penis can slacken or tighten, similar to a rubber band. Lack of blood flow comes from when the walls of these blood cells cannot slacken; this is where the PDE5 Inhibitors work their magic. This chemical compound soothes the cell walls into a state of relaxation that allows the blood to flow much easier.

What are the Causes?

Most people do not realize that erection problems can actually be a sign of a much more serious illness. High cholesterol and Heart Disease are two potentially life- threatening diseases for which erection problems is a symptom. This is because that poor blood flow to one organ usually means that there is poor blood flow to other organs.

Some other causes of erectile dysfunction stem from lifestyle choices that can easily be corrected. One lifestyle choice that is a common cause of erectile dysfunction is smoking cigarettes.  A common reason that people say they smoke is that it “calms their nerves”. This is actually the opposite of what is happening in your body. The nicotine and other chemicals in the body actually constrict blood vessels and therefore inhibit blood flow. Ditching this habit is a great way to naturally increase blood flow.

Another lifestyle choice that causes erection problems is lack of physical activity. If you cannot remember the last time you went for a run, then your inactivity may be the cause of your problems in the bedroom. Doing some cardio, every day can drastically improve your blood flow. A great way to enhance this effect is to cut out all unhealthy foods from your diet. Think more foods that make you feel energetic and do not make you feel sluggish.

Drinking is another lifestyle choice that causes erection problems. Many people think they need alcohol to have the confidence to initiate sexual encounters, but find time after time that they have drank too much to sustain an erection. This vicious cycle can lead to the aforementioned psychological problems stemming from erectile dysfunction. The best way to avoid this problem is to avoid mixing drinking and sex.

The good news is that this condition is not only common but also easily treatable. If you find yourself constantly battling erectile dysfunction then you should evaluate your lifestyle and see if there are any changes you can make to correct the problem. You will be amazed at the progress you may find by simply adding exercise and cutting back on bad habits.




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It is very easy to get stuck in a mindset where you can’t eat all the vegetables that are recommended on a daily basis. Sure, it is sometimes tough to get all the colors and all the nutrients that are in the different types of foods, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. If you really want to change your life for the better, make sure you are juicing as often as you can. This will give you a much better perspective for the rest of your life. In the meantime, it is good to make the differences through small incremental changes. In this article, we will show you how to change your life with the use of juice.

Juicing and Longevity of Life

If you are trying to have a much better life, it is important that you are focused on doing anything that can help you to improve yourself. In some cases, this might mean doing things that you had no idea was actually a good idea. Juicing is one of those things that you might never have known was a good idea, but now that you do, it is a good idea to do so.

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Some of the early juicing can be done in order to get a number of fruits and vegetables, but sometimes you can get too much sugar with these types of foods. In some cases, it is better to move to juicing items that are higher in nutrients and green. The epitome of healthy life is the green juice mixture, which is comprised of spinach, kale, arugula, and a number of other green vegetables. All of this can make a huge impact on your life and help you to avoid many of the illnesses and problems that other people are constantly facing no matter what.


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There are a large number of young men who are falling victim to erectile dysfunction and there are few people who really know the reason why. It is important to realize how erectile dysfunction works in the modern world. There are a number of factors that cause men to have some serious problems these days and it is different than it used to be. In the following article, we will teach you how to avoid many of the problems that come with erectile dysfunction at a young age and the causes for this type of thing.

Erectile Dysfunction and Young Men

Most young men are doing things these days that are not necessarily good for their brain or their erectile health. Watching porn is one of the most disastrous things that a male can do at a young age because it comes with a number of different problems that are associated with it. The porn can have a negative impact on the way that males view women. One of the problems is that the stimulation from porn makes it very difficult for a man to really go back to having sex with normal women.

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When they are so novel and “perfect” by the normal standards, it is hard to go back to the routine women, which is where many of the erectile dysfunction problems come from. The problem with men at the young age is that their minds are very impressionable to the dopamine that the receptors are sending off. This makes them want to look at porn, which makes them get worse and worse. At the end of the day, make sure you are watching no porn as a young man so that you can reduce the chances of having problems with erectile dysfunction later on in your life.


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A number of males who are trying to have a healthier sex life want to have higher testosterone, but yet they damage their ability to create that every day. Some men who have sex every few days masturbate in between, which makes their testosterone levels go down lower than it would otherwise be. This is a huge problem for those who want to maintain the urge to have sex and have a better life because of it. Make sure that you are focused on getting over the masturbation urges so that you can have increased testosterone and have a better sex life as a result.

Quitting Masturbation for Testosterone

It is a good idea for you to quit masturbation altogether if you really want to make sure your testosterone levels are higher. Those times when you are out of town and your partner is not with you are awfully susceptible to masturbating, which can have a hugely negative factor.

Most men do not even realize that they are addicted and that it is negatively impacting your life. A study by Chinese scientists showed that men who ejaculate have a lower level of testosterone than those who do not. After a period of 7 days the testosterone level is at the peak level, which is around 150% or so. This is hugely effective for men who want to have sex routinely and have an increased testosterone level while doing it. This can be achieved through a number of methods, but it is important to recognize that you are the master of your own domain.

Make sure you are focused on avoiding masturbation at all costs. If you can do this, you will greatly increase the level of testosterone that is in your bloodstream, which will have the undoubted effect that it will be far better off in the long run.

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If you take a lesson from our article, you will be well on your way to a longer and better relationship with your partner because of the more passionate sex that you experience. Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the way that you are currently leading your life, but if you want to make sure to incorporate something to spice things up naturally, do so by avoiding this nasty habit. Indeed, it is a nasty habit for many other reasons as well, which makes it something that is easy to quit cold turkey.